BedBugs – How Things Go

BedBugs – How Things Go

Don’t let the name fool you. The only kind of bug that these guys are, is ear-bugs (made up), because that is how catchy their new track is.

Bedbugs’ first EP, “Alone” was recorded in Kenzo’s garage in Reseda, and was self-produced. The recordings were engineered and mixed by Jeremy Harris, and mastered by Frankie Siragusa at theLAB in Van Nuys.

Washing dishes at the back of the place, a downtrodden, sunken look upon my face. When I was ten, I didn’t think – when I was 12, I didn’t think I’d end up here washing dishes at the back of the place. But I guess that’s how things go when you wish to see your lover, and you can’t believe you’re broke after throwing all your money at an old exhausted joke. But I guess that’s how things go when you’d rather stay on life support than go live out your life. After saying – out loud – your plan to abort to an empty room, to yourself, nothing’s gonna change. Nothing’s gonna as long as you live.

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