Slum Sociable – All Night

  Slum Sociable return with the first cut from their debut EP TQ. A shimmering mix of jazz hop and self-sample electronica that turns Molerat colourful. This has to be one of our favorites here at It features an eighties sounding chorus with sweet harmonies and easy listen rhythm, that never tires you out. […]

LÈON – Tired of Talking

Writer(s): Léon • Agrin Rahmani Producer: Agrin Rahmani Introducing LEON, all the way from Sweden, Releases her newest single “Tired of Talking” which features a very catchy and rhythmic mute guitar line, and a creamy sounding chorus that grows on you the more you listen. Good music is always appreciated and this is good music. […]

Lighthouse and the Whaler – In Motion

We are all in motion. Lighthouse and the Whaler surely know how to grab attention with their infectious rhythm and semi gated pads and bells that are oh so pleasant to the ear. Digging the Harmonies and the doubling of the vocals making it sound wide and melodic. The Lighthouse and the Whaler’s new album […]

BedBugs – How Things Go

Don’t let the name fool you. The only kind of bug that these guys are, is ear-bugs (made up), because that is how catchy their new track is. Bedbugs’ first EP, “Alone” was recorded in Kenzo’s garage in Reseda, and was self-produced. The recordings were engineered and mixed by Jeremy Harris, and mastered by Frankie […]

High Jinx – Get Pretty Or Die Trying

High Jinx is an electropop duo based out of Toronto, Canada. The band features Ranny Lee on vocals and Mark Moby Holman performing the music. Moby has played in the Toronto scene in several loud guitar-based bands over the years but has always maintained a healthy obsession with electronic music. He was inspired after watching […]

Lowki – F.A.C.E

Meet LOWKI. Electronica, Pop = Super Awesome. Their Debut Single F.A.C.E features Dark Synthy Vibes, low Bass and oh so sweet angelic vocals. Lowki and its members; singer-songwriter Sara, DJ/Producer Zeké, multi-instrumentalist Sam and drummer James, have created magic for our ears. Such an infectious sound, and new genre of goodness; the sounds come together […]