Lowki – F.A.C.E

Meet LOWKI. Electronica, Pop = Super Awesome. Their Debut Single F.A.C.E features Dark Synthy Vibes, low Bass and oh so sweet angelic vocals. Lowki and its members; singer-songwriter Sara, DJ/Producer Zeké, multi-instrumentalist Sam and drummer James, have created magic for our ears. Such an infectious sound, and new genre of goodness; the sounds come together […]


kiiara – Gold

Speaking of that Novel Sound, Kiiara is a 20 year old singer from Illinois with the most addicting vocals. Her first single, and it is already a hit on Novel Noise and amongst Other music blog. Great rhythm and awesome chord changes with a sweet POP sensation sound. Definitely a favorite here at Novel Noise. […]


Chris Heller – Know You More

Chris Heller from Boston surely found his way to Novel Noise. We are proud to present his new Single “Know You More” featuring a Jazzy Blues Piano Solo, some guitar chords and vocals filled with emotions. Influenced by Sara Bareilles and Ed Sheeran, This song is about that optimistic moment at the very beginning of […]


Cloves – Frail Love

Novel Noise is super proud and excited to present Cloves’ New Single, “Frail Love” As a musician, I respect and kneel to this angelic voice for how soothing and emotional it is. Remember people, simplicity always overrules. Just some pianos and vocals is all you need if it comes straight from the heart. Cloves sure […]

LANY “Someone Else”

NovelNoise is proud to premier LANY’S brand new hit single “Someone Else”. Here at NovelNoise, we have been honored to receive good music and we are proud to be able to premier this new emotional song by LANY. If this track is not a hit, then we do not know what is. The emotional breathy […]

Eliza Hull “Walk Away”

So many emotions in this track, it is kind of hard to explain. It is a must listen Tune by Eliza Hull, and I guarantee that you won’t walk away from it. The angelic vocals and the chilling pads glue this whole thing together. They sit great on top of each other and brings out […]

JXON “Weight In Gold (Demo)”

Produced at home, wrote in our homies kitchen, and then recorded in another homies garage (this is our idea/pre-production phase). It feels good sharing this side of my music with you all… Said JXON. We appreciate music that is true and comes straight from the heart. JXON we love your new single man. Keep being […]

Molly Moore “Natural Disaster”

OH!!! Just speech less here at NovelNoise Could this get any better? Molly Moore brings back those angelic vocals we love in a POP track and there is nothing more soothing than her Fascinating vocals. Here at NovelNoise, we are Proud to present to you “Natural Disaster” We like to refer to Molly as a […]

Remmi “Star Spangled”

Remmi is a meta-modern, electronic pop artist/producer living in Nashville, TN. In 2014, she made an explosive first step onto Nashville’s emerging pop scene by releasing a song on the Nashville Indie Spotlight, a compilation of the city’s best independent artists. Being independent in every sense of the word, Remmi carves her own path by writing and producing her own work and using her […]


Patrik Wennberg – Education

Patrik Wennberg is maybe the bravest artist in Gothenburg. Without hesitating he deals with taboo subjects like suicidal tendencies, hopelessness and mental health. Extremely important but tough subjects that no one really dares to talk about in today’s society. Patrik sees, absorbs and processes thoughts we all have sometimes. In return we get something honest, […]